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As a member in Engagemanget you'll have access to a whole world of activities, events, and projects within the thriving culture of non-profit associations and closed communities in Sweden.

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Reasons to sign up:

  • Get admission to events that are for members only.
  • Have memberships verified with a simple QR-code solution.

Please note that this site is still in development and currently only have the bare minimum of functionality while we're working on the full featured version, due in 2023.

Handling of personal information

Engagemanget's website is still in development and don't have all the necessary functionality or information in place yet. A more complete account handling and thorough information about GDPR will be available soon.

Meanwhile, we adhere to the following statements:

  • Engagemanget is the sole controller and processor of all data. No other party is connected to Engagemanget's system.
  • All data is stored on a trusted web hotel in Sweden, and all passwords are encrypted so that no one with access to the database can read them.
  • Engagemanget is an official association (802519-4880) and is therefore required to document personal identification numbers for all members. The data is only used for verification of membership, and to prevent duplicate memberships.
  • Engagemanget may store your data for up to three years.
  • Engagemanget is very meticulous about security and will make sure to implement every necessary measure while the site keeps expanding.
  • You will be notified in the future of any changes that will require your approval.

If you have a Swedish Social Security Number, please sign up in Swedish if you are able.

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Your id code that you have on your national ID card. It usually consists of a combination of letters and numbers.

Required for verification purposes.


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